Dear PPS Teachers,

We recognize that in this unprecedented time, many of you are working hard and very quickly to translate your lesson plans for online platforms. We greatly appreciate your commitment to teaching Nest lessons as part of this effort. 

​Our team has determined that the updated version of our curriculum is more appropriate to use in remote learning contexts. It is very similar to what you’ve taught before, but it doesn't include clips of PLAYGROUND. This is intentional, as we only recommend viewing PLAYGROUND in classrooms when you have adequate time to debrief, and more control over students’ learning environments.

To access the new curriculum, please visit and complete a quick sign-up using your district-issued email address. As you review the lessons, don't hesitate to email our team at nishima(at)nestfoundation(dot)org if you'd like to schedule a phone call or video conference call to talk through any of it.

Thank you again for all you are doing to support students during this pandemic. We have always appreciated teachers but are even more grateful for all you during these difficult times!

Thank you,

Nishima and the Nest Team

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